Q. Can BBO install Keyless Locks?

Yes.  We require these for properties we service (unless it is not allowed by the HOA).   We provide many different models and we change the guest codes.  We also change batteries on a regular basis.

Q. How much are the management fees?

Our fees vary based on property size, location and services provided.  Contact your local office to get a formal quote.

Q. Does BBO provide a housekeeping service?

Yes.  In addition, we provide seasonal / deep-cleanings.

Q. Is housekeeping included in the management fee?

No.  Housekeeping and other occasional services are billed at the end of the month.  We do allow Owners to provide their own cleaning when they use their home.

Q. Does BBO provide soap and supplies?

It is up to the owner.  Many owners like to provide special soaps and lotions in custom arrangements.  BBO can set out supplies as defined by the Owner.

Q.  Does BBO provide linens and towels.

Yes.  BBO will provide linens and towels in some towns where laundry services are available or we can wash owner-provided items on site if the equipment is adequate.

Q. Can BBO provide bookings for me?

Yes.  Although our program is based on the Home-Owner providing their own marketing and bookings, we can provide this service if desired.  We can also recommend partners that can provide this service for a fair fee.

Q. How often will my property be inspected?

Check-out Inspections are performed within hours of departure to check for damages and secure the home.  After any type of service (cleaning or maintenance), a “guest-ready” inspection is also performed to ensure your guest will have a great experience.  Book by Owner does NOT rely on housekeepers to perform property inspections.  Random inspections will also be performed during periods of vacancies or when we feel the property is at risk such as after a storm.

Q. Do I receive an inspection report?

Yes.  Inspection reports are filed electronically following the inspection and sent to the Owner.   Photos of damage or abuse are included.   Regular maintenance items and inventory of supplies will be noted.

Q. Is maintenance included?

Yes.  Our Property Inspectors are prepared to provide light maintenance during an inspection if a minor issue has been reported by the guest or discovered during an inspection.   Some maintenance items will be scheduled for a more appropriate time.

Q. What happens if there is a maintenance emergency such as a lock-out or water leak?

BBO is available 24/7/365 to respond to emergencies reported by guests, neighbors, building managers or any parties with whom you wish to designate Book by Owner as your local point of contact.  Many towns now require a local contact as part of the legal registration or licensing.

Q. Am I required to pay Sales & Lodging Taxes and if so do you pay them for me?

Yes.  Vacation rentals may be subject to registration local taxes based on the rental income collected.  BBO has partnered with http://www.avalara.com to provide owners a simple way to maintain tax compliance.  BBO does not remit or pay taxes or fees on behalf of property owners.

Q. Can BBO service Seasonal and Long-term Rentals?

Yes (in some markets).  Our unique model works well for any rental.   Because we don’t collect the rent payment or negotiate the rent amount, we do not need a real estate license.  Call us to discuss services to assist with marketing and rent collection.

Q.  Does BBO work in all towns?

Although our model was designed to work in resort towns, it can work virtually anywhere that short-term rentals are popular, including urban centers and college towns.  Contact us to discuss your situation.