Fee-Based Services for Vacation Rentals

Book by Owner (BBO) pioneered fee-based vacation rental management and continues to be the industry leader.    Unlike many “old-school” property management companies, we don’t take a percentage of your booking revenues.   We actually encourage home-owners to either do their own bookings or use a professional partner that specializes in the booking function.   We can step in and assist with booking inquiries if you are away from your pc or phone for a short while.   Since we don’t collect the bookings, we simply charge a flat monthly fee for some services such as guest communications, and we charge for other services as you use them (on items such as house-keeping, inspections, and maintenance).   We provide the peace-of-mind you need and a high-quality guest experience that will continue to get you great reviews and more bookings.

We also believe that you need real people living in the town where your vacation rental is located.  Seems that every day there’s another “web-based” company offering to manage services from afar.   This might work fine for the booking portion, but not-so-much for all the field services.   Because we’re local, we can help direct the guest to the home when they get lost – or tell them what’s going on in town during their stay.  Someone still has to show up, take out the trash, make the beds, inspect for damages and ensure that all the tradesmen have done their jobs correctly.

We are expanding — if you know someone that might enjoy working with us, please let us know.

With BBO you have professional, reliable management services available to you and your guests 24/7/365 without the costly commissions of traditional property management programs. Contact BBO and get started today!