What to Look for in a Holiday Vacation Rental

Singer Andy Williams captured the essence of this season in his 1963 hit It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The holidays are when families get together, meals are shared, and memories are made. If you and your loved ones have “parties for hosting” you will want to select the perfect holiday vacation rental. But, what amenities should be top on your list? Here’s a selection of holiday rental must-haves.

Large Gathering Spaces

No matter your location, you must have plenty of space for the family to mingle, eat, play, and laugh. Popular estimates range between 50 to 70 square feet per person for comfortable living. While you may only plan to occupy your holiday vacation rental for a few days, be sure to consider the space needs of every family member. Small children generally require more space for toys and activities than do the elderly. However, no one will enjoy the holiday if forced to exist in tight surroundings. Be sure there are adequate sleeping arrangements as well as plenty of room for relaxation and enjoying one another’s company.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Sharing a sumptuous meal with your family is a highlight of any holiday gathering. Whether each segment of the family is tasked with providing a part of the meal or you are cooking together, a fully equipped kitchen is a definite must. Be sure to consider the size of your family cooking team when selecting a holiday vacation rental. How many cooks will be active at one time? How many ovens will be needed? Will a single refrigerator adequately hold all the necessary ingredients and/or leftovers? Give thought to appliances, counter space, preparation space, cooking capacity, and various implements and utensils that may be needed.

Functional Fireplaces

Nothing creates a warm, inviting ambiance like a softly crackling fireplace. And nothing ruins a holiday vacation experience like a fireplace that doesn’t work. Be sure to inquire about the fireplace or fireplaces in your proposed holiday vacation home. Have they undergone the necessary seasonal inspections for safety? If the fireplace burns wood, is there an adequate supply of wood nearby? How close? If you would rather not face the chores of hauling wood and shoveling ashes, be sure to look for a rental with a gas fireplace. Is there sufficient gas for extended use throughout your stay? Asking such questions ahead of time can prevent disappointments later.

Clean and Safe Hot Tubs

Hot tubs provide a luxuriating way to relax after a long day of cooking and family time. Conversely, they can also be a source of bacteria and disease. Due to warmer water temperatures, hot tubs are much harder to disinfect than swimming pools. When choosing a holiday vacation rental home with a hot tub, always ask about cleaning procedures and schedules. Hot tubs need regular maintenance and cleaning between rentals to maintain peak cleanliness and safety. Upon arrival, inspect the hot tub and water. Both should be clean, clear, and without any strong disinfectant smells. Recirculation systems should run constantly. If you suspect anything is amiss, call the property owner or manager immediately.

Easy Access to Sports/Entertainment Venues

Although families will want to spend time together eating and relaxing, you will also want to create memories enjoying fun experiences. Consider your family makeup and choose a holiday rental close to suitable sports or entertainment venues. Both indoor and outdoor opportunities exist for the athletic and those who choose to sit and watch. Select a rental property with easy access to such activities for quick travel and return times. Some rentals include package deals or discounts on nearby venues. Be sure to inquire when you call about the property.

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