Top Keyless Entry Locks! (What to look for in a lock?)


Top Keyless Entry Locks! (What to look for in a lock?)

Keyless entry locks, or “smart locks,” are an easy way to increase the security of your home or rental property. Allow access for a service technician without leaving instructions for a hidden key. Use changing codes or passkeys to allow rental guests limited-time access. Allow family or friends into your home to feed the fish or check the pipes. And, no more fumbling for keys while standing in the rain or cold. Some smart locks can sense your approach and immediately grant you access.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart locks allow users access via a variety of methods or combinations of methods. Some options interact with your home’s security system through your home WiFi network. Lock your home via phone app from your bed or even over the internet while on vacation. Other options use programmable passcodes to grant access. Only approved users possess the passcode to gain access. Some options operate via Bluetooth connection through a software application on a smart device such as a cell phone or tablet. When authorized users approach, the signal from their smart device or key fob activates the lock, granting access.

Each type of smart lock has its own application that allows the user to control various options. These can range from simple programmable keypads to biometric sensors to granting access to specific people at specific times and days. Some can even monitor who comes and goes from the home during specific times.

Why Should I Consider Installing a Keyless Entry Lock?

The most compelling reason for installing keyless entry locks is improved security. No more worry about thieves “jimmying” the pins in a traditional keyed lock to gain silent entry to your home or property. Most smart locks don’t use keys; and the options that do allow a traditional key for entry are not easily defeated like traditional locks.

Moreover, double-sided keyless entry locks prevent access from both directions except for authorized users. This gives property managers an extra layer of security for access to swimming pools, busy streets, or other dangerous areas without proper supervision.

Another reason for installing keyless entry locks is convenient control of access. Because keyless locks use a pin code or digital passkey, codes can be changed online or at the lock itself and can even be programmed for a set time limit. No more meeting to switch keys with incoming or outgoing guests, or to grant access to contractors or service personnel.

Yet another reason to install keyless smart locks on your home or property is that it prevents annoying lock-outs. No more losing or forgetting keys. Family members or guests gain access via a simple security code. Property managers can grant access remotely if guests forget the access code.

Buyer Beware:

Keyless locks are a great idea, however you still need to do your own research and exercise caution. All locks have issues  that you need to take into consideration.

  • Some HOAs do not allow keyless entries because they want to control access through “old-school” metal keys.
  • Some locks are not good in wet, cold or seacoast environments.
  • Some locks have buttons that stick.
  • Some locks have monthly access web user fees.
  • Some codes are very long which create user errors.
  • Some systems don’t allow specific dates and times for over 30 days.
  • Some suppliers have long lead times and hard-to-find parts.
  • Some locks don’t hold up well to heavy usage.
  • Some locks consume batteries quickly and can leave a guest locked out.

We recommend you contact an expert such as a resort management company like us, Book By Owner (BBO), to help you decide. They have years of insight and experience dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly of locks. Just click the following link to email them: “Help save me from making a bad lock decision.”

What are some of the top keyless entry locks on the market?

  1. One of the top smart locks is a programmable model that also provides access monitoring like the RemoteLock 6i Mortise with WiFi from LockState. Lock or unlock your door remotely over the internet and receive text alerts when access codes are used. Know who enters your property and when. New codes can be created and issued or deleted from your computer or phone and you can even create temporary codes for guests. This model works with Airbnb Host Assist to automatically generate guest codes.
  2. The Yale Z-Wave Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt is a great example of a model that allows great flexibility with traditional keyed, keypad, WiFi, or mesh network access options. The lock holds up to 250 user-generated codes and also allows keyed access. Activate with the touchpad or via smart devices. This model also integrates with a number of home automation and home security systems.
  3. The Samsung Digital Door Lock is a good mid-range smart lock that offers increased security and ease of access and affordability. It can be unlocked with a passcode, RF card, fingerprint (with the top tier model), smart tag, or a conventional key. For added security, users can select two options (passcode plus fingerprint authentication) for access. The door locks automatically when users leave.
  4. Our fourth pick is a remote keyless entry lock that looks like a traditional keyed deadbolt. The Kwikset Kevo uses both Bluetooth and RFID technology so users can gain access to home or property with a smartphone or keyfob. This model is iOS and Android compatible and no internet access is required. Users can create and share an unlimited number of guest ekeys.
  5. A basic keyless entry system like the Lockitron Bolt fits over the existing deadbolt lock behind your door, making it simple to install. The lock can be opened by signal from an authorized smartphone. Additional options can be added to integrate WiFi access. This is perhaps the simplest and most affordable option to upgrade your basic deadbolt lock to keyless entry.

Locks are a big decision and can cause a major headache with the wrong selection. BBO would be happy to provide you advice to ensure you’re making the right choice. Reach out to BBO before you make this important decision.