5 Tips for Staging a Rental Property

Your rental property benefits no one when sitting empty. Renting your property quickly and in advance requires certain important factors, and among the most vital is staging. Property staging involves making a positive and powerful first impression. Ideally, you want to show prospective tenants a clean, attractive, desirable home that is better than other local or comparable properties. Effective property staging can lead to full bookings and steady rental income.

5 Tips for Effective Property Staging

Property owners and managers all have their own opinions regarding the best ways to stage a property. Out of all the favorite touches and mods we have encountered, the following are the top 5 tips to stage your rental property for steady return bookings.

  • Highlight Bathrooms and Kitchens

Make sure bathrooms and kitchens appear full and luxurious. These are generally the most heavily-used rooms in any home, and the same is true of rental properties. All bathrooms and kitchens should be well lit and clean. Counter tops should be free of clutter, but include some staged items to suggest ways tenants could use the space. White bathroom towels contrast nicely with furnishings and project an aura of cleanliness. Provide matching hand towels in the kitchen and consider seasonal place settings at the kitchen or dining room table. Tables and chairs should be durable, easy to clean, and in good taste.

  • Pay Attention to the Surroundings

The surroundings of your property should dictate your decor. Seaside dwellings should reflect a sailing, oceanside motif. Mountainous settings should be rustic, homey, and focus on the panorama of nature’s surrounding beauty. If your property is located near a local lake or attraction, be sure to highlight that fact in your staging items and amenities. Renters most often choose a getaway location first, then seek out a suitable rental. If your property identifies in a pleasing way with the local ambiance and attractions, it will stand out among all the choices available.

  • Allow Staging to Match the Seasons

Paying attention to the seasons when property staging is an important step that is too often overlooked. Seasonal decor helps your property blend into its natural surroundings and gives it a homey, welcoming feeling. Most people shuffle their home decorating to reflect seasonal changes, so doing the same with your rental property adds that extra touch of attractiveness. In addition, refer to the above in conjunction with this tip. The seasons are reflected differently in different surroundings.

  • Attractive, Durable, and Comfortable Bedding

Rest and relaxation are prime reasons for any getaway, and attractive, comfortable bedding is essential. Use attractive linens and pillows to create an inviting atmosphere. If at all possible, provide excellent mattresses and bed frames. Convenient end tables should match the room and be sturdy and usable.  Additionally, an extra set of bedding in the closet is always a good way to demonstrate that you want renters to have everything they need for a great stay. A good night’s rest can often be the difference between a one-time renter and a repeat client. If you must skimp anywhere, don’t let it be in the bedroom.

  • Showcase Special Amenities

Amenities provide that special hook that can attract a steady stream of renters. Consequently, you should showcase any special features of your property. Pools, spas, game rooms, a food caddy, home entertainment systems and the like should demand special attention. Such areas should appear pleasant, functional, and uncluttered. Consider special small extras to accompany such perks, like game equipment, comfy chairs, swim toys or inflatables, and the like. Furnishings should be usable, durable, and tastefully arranged for optimum use of the space.

Here’s an Extra Tip: Don’t use personal items of great sentimental value in your property staging. Accidents can happen and things get broken. Or even stolen. Fewer items means fewer things to list and check after each rental. The same goes for very expensive items. Personal items and pictures should also be eliminated. You want renters to feel at home, but not as if they are intruding on your home.

Property staging is not necessarily a cheap endeavor, but a few hundred dollars on the front end could mean extra thousands in continued and repeat rentals. To ensure the best result, contract with a property management company like Book By Owner (BBO). We have the experience and understanding to properly stage your property and maximize your ability to rent at a premium price. Call 970.305.3166 or contact us online today.